Innovators &


At Lagoon Funatics, it is our commitment to safely operate the World’s Top Amenity, delivering the highest standard of service imaginable so our patrons can relax and enjoy the benefits of resort living.  It is our intention to consistently offer a unique and satisfying family-friendly experience every time. We work with the best innovators to stay on top of the ever changing landscape. From servers and security to new ways to provide a layer of seamless service to our guests, we seek out unconventional thinkers, creators, and entrepreneurs who can turn an idea into THE must-have offering for the industry.

Next Level Service

The right mobile execution takes the guest experience to a new level.

Design and Quality Control

We look for ways to unlock the best combinations of people, processes, and resources.


Eco-friendly and innovation is the name of the game.

Cloud Security

We are the keepers of critical information and take that responsibility seriously.

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