Lagoon Funatics is the premier management company specializing in the operations of US Crystal Lagoons’ Technology-Based Amenities offering the ultimate Lagoon Life experience through the coordination of public and private events, fitness and wellness services, membership, and management operations. We help visionary developers turn projects into experiences that accelerate ROI, boost quality of living, and enhance the overall value of underlying assets.


Our mission is to immerse residents and guests in a better quality of life in a safe, family-friendly, and blissful environment so that all can harmoniously enjoy a Crystal Clear Lagoon experience.


Our vision is to be an operator and innovator who co-creates new and exciting experiences that increase quality of life for patrons, enhances value for partners, and brings more fun to life.


Our journey through the years

Core Values

Core Values provide the foundation upon which we bring amazing experiences to life.





Servant Leadership

Meet The Founders

Our Formula for Creating a Service-based People-First Culture Internally and for our Clients

As a company, we seek to add members to our team who are not only experts at what they do but who also have a background in servant leadership.  We are proud that many of the people who have joined us have shown this level of commitment, service, and leadership in service to our country as United States Veterans.

In order to bring people together as a high-functioning team, so that we can best serve our clients, residents, and guests, we employ a disciplined training regiment grounded on the following principles.

We practice and drill

We seek out and certify

We have a chain of command

We have procedures for everything

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