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Lagoon Funatics helps visionary developers turn projects into experiences that accelerate ROI, boost quality of living, and enhance the overall value of underlying assets.  Combining world-class design capabilities with disciplined management and an ability to dream alongside clients, Lagoon Funatics brings the special spark needed to trigger the next boom in master-planned community prosperity.

PROVIDING THE highest STANDARD IS AN essential part of any guest experience.

Lagoon Funatics brings operational excellence, structure, and insider innovation to its Lagoon Management practice. Overseeing a growing portfolio of Crystal Clear Lagoons beginning with Balmoral Lagoon which opened in 2018, Lagoon Funatics has worked with developers to create a 5-star experience for residents, guests, and members through a robust lineup of community, showcase, and private events in addition to handling all operator functions from facility to rentals to merchandising.

We are a turnkey solution for all your Crystal lagoon management needs.  The service we provide allow you to relax and enjoy the lagoon life.  Following is a short list of our services.  

  • Restaurant Management
  • Lagoon Water Quality Management
  • Event Management
  • Event Creation
  • Point of Sales
  • Customer and/or Resident memberships 
  • Lagoon Property Management
  • Creation of the Documents for Membership
  • Graphic Design for Lagoon Management

For the past 5 years we have been researching, visiting, and studying how to leverage the Crystal Clear Lagoon technology to increase property values. We have created a menu and a process to streamline your design experience. This process helps you arrive at the best Crystal Clear Lagoon design for your specific goals and budget. Our design experts work very closely with Crystal Lagoons USA® and their preferred vendors to deliver a complete package to bring your lagoon to life. We would love to help you with bringing your Crystal Clear Lagoon vision to reality.

  • Lagoon Planning Workshops 
  • Preliminary Cost Estimates 
  • Lagoon Theming 
  • Land Planning for Lagoon 
  • Programming for Activation Zones surrounding the Lagoon 
  • Video Production 
  • Lagoon Zero Geometry Design 
  • Landscape & Hardscape Construction Plans 
  • Safety Plans 
  • Irrigation Construction Plans
  • Lighting Photometric and Fixture Selection Plans
  • Furniture and Storage Plans 
  • Civil Engineering (Florida)

Managing a Lagoon can be challenging and our team at Lagoon Funatics is happy to help.  Members of our team designed the first Crystal Clear Lagoon in the United States and have moved on to set other records including the first Crystal Clear Lagoon in Texas and recently opening one of the largest Crystal Clear Lagoons in the United States containing 24 million gallons of water across 12 acres.  After searching high and low for the right team to manage one of the Crystal Clear Lagoons, the solution settled upon was to grow our own.  Our team has been hand-picked to with an eye toward balancing operational excellence and an ability to think creatively.  We would be happy to share some of the lessons that we have learned and strengthen the Crystal Clear Lagoon operator community in the US and beyond.

Lagoon Attractions

Water activities

Guests and members are guaranteed to have fun participating in the water activities available.


Let our hospitable staff take care of you while you relax and enjoy lagoon living.


Our professionally trained staff takes care of the finer details so that guests and members can relax and enjoy lagoon living.

Food & beverage

Guests and members celebrate life while dining on a variety of food and drink selected to satiate their appetites and delight their imagination.

Live Entertainment

The best entertainment,
is live entertainment

Live Entertainment

The best entertainment,
is live entertainment

Mental Health

With lagoon living, you’re guaranteed to be stress-free.

Quality Control

"Come spend good quality time with us.
We will never count down the days
you have to leave”

Quality Control

We provide a wonderful Crystal Clear Lagoon experience through a team committed to quality control and accountability in front of and behind the scenes.


At Lagoon Funatics, we take safety and security very seriously. We want our guests to enjoy themselves and feel safe while having fun.


Crystal Clear Lagoons become a point of unity within a community. Unlike other amenities which may scatter a family, Crystal Clear Lagoons bring everyone together for fun, relaxation, and a deeper appreciation of life's wonders.  Lagoon Funatics works with its partners to make the most of Lagoon Living  by putting together an array of private and social events and experiences.  The lines between family, fun, and even business blissfully fall away when being a part of a Lagoon Funatics managed community.

Those who come don't want to leave and those who stay tend to bring others with them.
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The amazing thing about Crystal Clear Lagoons is that it naturally aligns with a people, planet, profit, (triple bottom line) approach without sacrificing any of the three elements. Water is one of the most precious resources on our planet and the technology deployed by Crystal Clear Lagoons uses 2% of the energy needed by conventional swimming pool filtration systems, 30 times less water than a golf course and 50% less water than required by a park of the same size.

People are the focal point of the experience and those who partake receive a boost in their quality of living.  The ability to conserve energy and natural resources opens up a wide range of creativity pertaining to the design of Crystal Clear lagoons and surrounding communities opening up many new opportunities to attract people to the experience.

People receive an uptick in their quality of living. The planet benefits from the smart utilization of resources. Developers see a boost in the value of homes built around such communities and a quicker return on investment. With Crystal Clear Lagoons, what is good for the planet becomes a win for all.

With Lagoon Funatics, the win truly becomes fun!
Crystal Clear Lagoons are quickly becoming a must-have experience for projects around the globe.  Let’s discuss how this amenity can enhance the value of your project today.
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