At Lagoon Funatics, your lifestyle is our top priority. We create state-of-the-art amenities for everyone's entertainment and provide our clients with the experience of living in a never-ending STAY-CATION! We design and plan our amenities and events focused on “end to end” fun; highlighting sensorial experiences with ENDLESS possibilities.

Lagoon Funatics is an amenity management firm that specializes in operations, programming design, architectural consultation, entertainment, budgeting, staffing, guest services, and lifestyle management. We ensure that guests, residents, and customers are given a top-notch experience every day. From assisting in the coordination of their private events to enjoying a splendid day at the beach with a cocktail in our cabanas or improving emotional and physical health with a dynamic sup-yoga session right at home, there are always awesome ways to experience the Lagoon Life.

Through the years, with our knowledge and experience, LAGOON FUNATICS has impacted commercial and residential projects around the country, maximizing their ROI with lifestyle marketing and lifestyle amenity philosophies rooted in placemaking. Our award-winning team curates memorable moments driving new home sales, and increasing leasing efforts through the enhancement of the amenity planning experience.

Elevate Your Community with
Lifestyle Management Beyond Imagination

It’s all about EXPERIENCE, SPLASH, JOY, and REPEAT! Incorporating new family friendly fun, whether it is preparing corporate meetups or hosting live events such as concerts and community activities, we transform your community into a vibrant and exciting place with endless fun indoors and outdoors.

Strengthening and celebrating community and connection.

We encourage community engagement across our amenities portfolio by promoting an ambiance of innovation, curiosity, diversity, and uniqueness through amazing participatory experiences. An amenity-rich community helps increase real estate value with a diverse offering of experiences and activities that foster a stronger sense of community. We like to create an engaged community which means we want people to utilize the amenities we build to help bring people together and have an enjoyable living experience within their communities.
"Lagoon Funatics's Lifestyle Management Services has been a game-changer for our real estate development business. Their team is professional, reliable, and knowledgeable about all aspects of amenity management. We have been able to focus on other areas of our business, knowing that our amenities is in good hands. We highly recommend their services."

Jane Smith

Real Estate Developer

"Lagoon Funatics  has been an incredible partner for our business. They have provided us with top-notch lifestyle management services, and their team is always prompt, skilled, and reliable. We have been extremely pleased with their services, and we would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone in need of lifestyle management for your property."

John Smith

Amenity Director