For the past 5 years we have been researching, visiting, and studying how to leverage lagoon technology-based amenities to increase property values. We have created a menu and a process to streamline your design experience. This process helps you arrive at the best Crystalline Lagoon design for your specific goals and budget. Our design experts work very closely with leading lagoon technology-based amenity providers to deliver a complete package to bring your lagoon to life. We would love to help you with bringing your Crystalline Lagoon vision to reality.

  • Lagoon Planning Workshops
  • Preliminary Cost Estimates
  • Lagoon Theming
  • Land Planning for Lagoon
  • Programming for Activation Zones surrounding the Lagoon
  • Video Production
  • Lagoon Zero Geometry Design
  • Landscape & Hardscape Construction Plans
  • Safety Plans
  • Irrigation Construction Plans
  • Lighting Photometric and Fixture Selection Plans
  • Furniture and Storage Plans
  • Civil Engineering (Florida)
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Lagoon Funatics brings operational excellence, structure, and insider innovation to its Lagoon Management practice.

Water Activities

Immerse yourself in a world of aquatic excitement, as our diverse water activities promise endless fun and refreshing experiences.



Experience the epitome of lagoon living as our attentive and welcoming staff cater to your every need, allowing you to unwind in blissful relaxation.


Food & Beverage

Enjoy our many varieties of food and drink that your taste buds crave


Live Entertainment

The best entertainment, is live entertainment


Active Lifestyle

With lagoon living, experience quality of life


Quality Control

Come spend good quality time with us.  We will never count down the days you have to leave”



With Lagoon Funatics, we take safety and security very seriously.  We want our guests to enjoy themselves and feel safe while having fun.


Crystal Clear Lagoons become a point of unity within a community. Unlike other amenities which may scatter a family, Crystal Clear Lagoons bring everyone together for fun, relaxation, and a deeper appreciation of life's wonders.  Lagoon Funatics works with its partners to make the most of Lagoon Living  by putting together an array of private and social events and experiences.  The lines between family, fun, and even business blissfully fall away when being a part of a Lagoon Funatics managed community.

Those who come don't want to leave and those who stay tend to bring others with them.

Come and learn more today!


The amazing thing about Crystalline Lagoons is that it naturally aligns with a people, planet, profit, (triple bottom line) approach without sacrificing any of the three elements. Water is one of the most precious resources on our planet and the technology deployed by crystalline Lagoons uses 2% of the energy needed by conventional swimming pool filtration systems, 30 times less water than a golf course and 50% less water than required by a park of the same size.

People are the focal point of the experience and those who partake receive a boost in their quality of living.  The ability to conserve energy and natural resources opens up a wide range of creativity pertaining to the design of crystalline lagoons and surrounding communities opening up many new opportunities to attract people to the experience.

People receive an uptick in their quality of living. The planet benefits from the smart utilization of resources. Developers see a boost in the value of homes built around such communities and a quicker return on investment. With crystalline Lagoons, what is good for the planet becomes a win for all.

With Lagoon Funatics, the win truly becomes fun!