Leave it to the professionals

Lagoon FUNatics® has taken the initiative when it comes to hiring the best of the best.  Protocols, emergency services, regulations and training are some of the features and talents our staff is equipped with.  Lagoon FUNatics® takes pride in our fellow country-men and the years they have given to the armed services. That’s why hiring veterans and highly trained personnel goes hand in hand when it comes to utilizing their training to meet all protocols and regulations.  Disaster can come in any minute.  Lagoon FUNatics® will not take any chances to cut corners or loosely base their communications on simple and “by the book” status to continue being operational.  Our staff is in front and behind the scenes, serving our guests to the point of changing the very definition of professionalism in the dictionary.  Chances are, most guests will never know that the aquatic protocols were consulted by a US Navy Deep Sea Diver, or the emergency and health consultations are managed by a US Marine.

Lagoon FUNatics® is serious about serving our guests and making them feel safe and secure, while at the same time providing them the best lagoon living experience.  The training and experience our professional staff received is applied to daily operations of the lagoon.  To achieve these operations successfully, we need to have a staff that is willing to provide a worry-free work zone and let the training speak for itself.  The business of having our guests worry about any particular issue while having fun on our lagoon, is a bad one.  



Balmoral was a big winner in the recent 2019 Greater Houston Builders Association’s Houston’s Best PRISM Awards taking home five trophies.

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Balmoral and Lake Nona Projects Ranked in U.S.

The Balmoral development was highlighted by the consulting firm, as it experienced a 40% sales increase, compared to 2019.

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The ROI of amenity-driven developments

Lagoon FUNactics is setting up high standards when it comes to providing real value in all ways possible to communities and to increase more effective revenue opportunities.

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