The ROI of amenity-driven developments

No clouds in the sky, sun shining bright and hot and I’m standing in blue water up to my stomach thinking, “ Life is pretty good”.  Sometimes I have to poke myself with a fork because it feels like I’m living in a dream world.  But this is my reality!  Not everyone can say “I live on a lagoon”.  Before moving into this community, I was sick and tired of the apartment living.   I needed something more than just wall-to-wall neighbors and bland road views.  I never felt like I was part of a community, and felt more like a number.  I saw a post on Facebook about “Lagoon Living” and it immediately caught my interest.   After checking out what that was all about, I couldn’t get that blue water out of my mind!   I had to have it!   I mean it wasn’t just about the blue water and living on a lagoon that caught me.  The service and amenities of the lagoon I consider a bonus.  

The community of people here is the ticket as well.  Every week I meet new people that look for the same thing I did; community living in a tropical setting.  In the few months that I’ve lived here, I’ve met more people, and built better relationships than I have from living in, what I call, domino apartment buildings.  I feel proud being a resident at this lagoon, and the fact that I can call this place home.  It's got everything I need, with having a night out, to feeling safe, and entertainment that's so much better than “open mic night”.  I finally found the community I dreamed of and do not plan on leaving.  If they only allowed me to drag an air mattress on the water to sleep on, I would do it too!


 Lagoon Funatics Brings in World-Class Leader as General Manager of Lago Mar Lagoon

At a time when companies have stated that“good help can be hard to find”, Lagoon Funatics has brought in a world-class hospitality veteran to lead its Lago Mar Lagoon operations. Navigating the pandemic at a breakneck pace, Lagoon Funatics’s innovative management approach has propelled one of its clients to become the segment market-leader across the United States.

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Balmoral was a big winner in the recent 2019 Greater Houston Builders Association’s Houston’s Best PRISM Awards taking home five trophies.

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Balmoral and Lake Nona Projects Ranked in U.S.

The Balmoral development was highlighted by the consulting firm, as it experienced a 40% sales increase, compared to 2019.

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